2020 Events

  • 21st July Sir Toby and the Flatbacks by Peter Robinson
  • 18th August Age UK Norfolk by Jeffrey Prosser
  • 15th September Nelson - Hero or Villain. (Spouses/partners event) by John Flowerdew
  • 20th October Ethiopia the Historic Route by Pat Alker of Project Project Dukem
  • 17th November Sir Thomas Erpingham, soldier and Norfolk man by Barbara Martin
  • 15th December Norwich 1945-1960 by Frances and Mike Holmes (Spouses/partners event)

2021 Events

  • 19th January AGM Followed by a quiz
  • 16th February Tax, Care and Toy Boys by David Pinder, Co-op Estate Planning
  • 16th March Caister Independent Lifeboat Service by Don Hill
  • 20th April Ketts Rebellion. (Spouses/partners event) by John Flowerdew
  • 18th May To be announced
  • 15th June To be announced
  • 20th July To be announced
  • 17th August To be announced
  • 21st September To be announced (Spouses/partners event)
  • 19th October To be announced
  • 16th November To be announced
  • 21st December To be announced (Spouses/partners event)