2021 Events

  • 14th December Norwich (Spouses/partners event) by Frances and Mike Holmes

2022 Events

  • 18th January AGM Followed by a quiz
  • 15th February Windsor Castle – My Four Years by Revd Canon Edward Carter
  • 15th March Scams and how to avoid them (Spouses/partners event) by Dave Todd
  • 19th April Ethiopia - the Historic Route by Pat Alker
  • 17th May A Profitable Sleight of Hand by Gerry Greenwood
  • 21st June Ramblings of an Ancient Aviator (Spouses/partners event) by Steve de Roeck
  • 19th July Ketts Rebellion by John Flowerdew
  • 16th August Magic Lantern Show by Richard Fiddy
  • 20th September A Musical Trip up the Yare to Norwich and Back (Spouses/partners event) by Roy Headlands
  • 18th October Nelson by John Flowerdew
  • 15th November Bee Keeping by Carl Pace
  • 20th December To be announced (Spouses/partners event)